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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Marc Kleiner, Chairman of the Board; Executive and Development Committees
John Chahbandour, Vice Chair; Program Committee
William C. Holland, Secretary; Executive and Board Development Committees
Randall Sylvan, Treasurer; Chair, Finance Committee and Parent Seat
Carlyn (Lynn) Stambaugh, Chair – Program Committee

Ex Officio Chair – Chuck Fish

Sarah Allen, Board Development and Capital Campaign Committees
Barbara Bieber, Development Committee
Charon Earnest, Program and Marketing Committees
Chuck Fish, Executive and Finance Committees
Linda Kanan, Ph.D., Program Committee
Jonathan Lurie, Finance and Program Committees
Cathy Mauer (on hiatus)
Karen Possehl, Development Committee
Gretchen Shaffer, Development Committee
Ashley Walker, Development Committee

In Memoriam, Gene Koelbel, Sewall’s board member for more than 60 years

Gene Norgren Koelbel served Sewall’s mission for more than 60 years. Gene Koelbel’s parents connected her to Sewall’s legacy as they began support in the 1940s. Gene and her parents spearheaded the development and construction of Sewall’s first clinic facility at 1360 Vine Street in the early 1960s, and together with Sewall’s board and capital campaign committee, worked together to move Sewall to the expanded school facility at 940 Fillmore Street. As her health waned during the past year, Gene’s membership on the Program Committee remained steadfast. The committee moved their meetings to her house so she could still participate! Gene and Walt Koelbel’s support has touched each and every corner of Sewall. Their support of Fragile X research as it began with Dr. Randi Hagerman (now of the MIND Institute in California) put Sewall’s Diagnostic & Evaluation Clinic on the map. Her support of Sewall’s mission as it evolved from a therapeutic mobility clinic to a nationally recognized inclusionary education resource is unparalleled.

Gene, you will be forever missed and appreciated.

Gene Koelbel and her daughter Lynn, both Board members, pictured at the Sewall 2016 Graduation, the first class to graduate in Sewall’s new headquarters at 940 Fillmore in Denver’s Congress Park.