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Sewall’s Diagnostic and Evaluation Clinic conducted 68 diagnostic evaluations for children from 18 months through 10 years old. Sewall is proudly one of the only clinics providing arena style evaluations in the larger metro area, and one of two serving Medicaid-eligible families. Last year, 67 of the children served were Medicaid-eligible.

Informational Guide

  • Sewall’s Diagnostic and Evaluation Clinic (D&E Clinic) provides evaluations at its headquarters at 940 Fillmore Street in Denver.
  • We provide developmental evaluations for children from 18 months through 10 years of age.
  • We specialize in cases of suspected Autism, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and children experiencing multiple areas of delay. Areas of delay could include speech, cognitive, and/or motor delays.
  • Our Diagnostic team provides a multidisciplinary, arena-style evaluation that combines the expertise of a clinical psychologist, developmental pediatrician, speech language pathologist and physical therapist.
  • We accept both Medicaid and Preauthorized Denver Health Medical Plan. These providers will cover the full cost of the evaluation.
  • We do not accept CHP PLUS or private insurance.
  • We do provide evaluations to clients who wish to pay out of pocket.

The cost of an evaluation is $3,500.

If you are interested in obtaining an evaluation, please contact Marina Vidrine, Sewall’s Clinic Coordinator, for more information by calling 303.399.1800. (Please note that our average wait time is approximately 4 to 6 months for an appointment. To start the application process, please follow the steps below. )

Application Process

  1. Please fill out the application completely. Missing information could result in application denial.
  2. Include a copy of your child’s most recent IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan) or IEP (Individualized Education Plan).  We also require a copy of the original staffing IEP or most recent triennial IEP.
  3. Call your primary care physician and ask them to fax your child’s health records to us at 303-327-5756
  4. Mail, fax or drop off your application to 940 Fillmore St., Denver Co. 80206
  5. Your application will be reviewed once it is complete, and we will let you know if we are an appropriate provider.

If your application is accepted, we will need the following records before we can place them on the waitlist.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you provide these records for us, your child will be seen much sooner than if you wait for us to request them.

Needed records include;

  • Medical records
  • Birth records *Note; birth records are distinct from birth certificate, we do not need the certificate
  • IFSP or IEP, including original staffing or most recent triennial
  • Speech, motor or cognitive evaluations
  • Psychological evaluations
  • Family Services Plan, Part 2 Family History if the child has been placed in child protective services

Current wait list times do vary, please call or email the clinic for a more current wait time estimate. Your original quoted wait time may change without notice due to a variety of circumstances. Our wait times are only an estimate and in no way a promised time frame.

Appointments can only be scheduled after all necessary information is received.

The link for the application form is at the bottom of this page.

If you would rather send these documents by U.S. Mail, please use this address:

Marina VidrineClinic Coordinator

Sewall D&E Clinic

940 Fillmore Street

Denver, CO 80206


Fax 303.327.5756

Sewall Diagnostic Clinic Application