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Early Intervention

Early intervention is central to Sewall’s mission in serving children who have special needs in partnership with parents or caregivers who are a child’s first teachers.

Sewall’s Infant and Toddler outreach team begins the first phases of early intervention for a child. In some cases, our Diagnostic & Evaluation Clinic team are part of this process.

If a child has an identified special need during infancy, as a toddler, or during early childhood, our Infant and Toddler outreach team conduct home visits to assist a parent or caregiver with services such as feeding techniques in addition to therapies which can help a child thrive as early as possible.

Sewall’s child care and early education programs begin either at 2 or 2.5 years of age (based on location). Our teams continue with therapies and individualized programs to address a child’s learning style while assisting in physical, speech, and other therapies to help a child reach their fullest potential.

What many parents share with us is their appreciation of how Sewall provides a variety of therapies in one location. This team-based collaborative approach fully coordinates the needs of the whole child. Parents and team members coordinate all aspects of therapies for a fully integrated approach.  The time-saving convenience of a single location can yield significant benefits to a caregiver parent; this may enable them to work outside of the home or spend more time with other family members.

All programs work with families and caregivers in an integrated approach which not only helps the whole child but adds a support network of peer-to-peer interaction with other families at Sewall.