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All learners are welcome at Sewall Child Development Center’s high-quality programs. A leader of inclusionary education for children of all abilities, the center strives to provide an environment of understanding and diversity, in order to instill a sense of belonging and ownership for every member of the learning community, from the children, to the faculty, the parents, and other members of staff. The programs at Sewall are designed so that children of all abilities and learning styles, including those with special needs, can come together to learn and grow, with a 1:5 teacher to student ratio. More than just an educational strategy, inclusion is a belief system, founded on the principles of equality and justice. Sewall has been serving the Denver community since 1944, now from nine locations across the city. For more information on how to enroll or participate, visit their homepage or call at (303) 399-1800.  Read the full Essential Kids Guide to Denver HERE.