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Inclusive Preschool Program

Inclusive Preschool Program

In Sewall’s inclusive preschool program, children with disabilities and delays learn side by side with their peers who are typically developing. Multi-age classrooms are staffed by early childhood special educators, occupational and physical therapists, speech pathologists and mental health professionals, and therapeutic interventions are provided within the natural setting of the classroom. This transdisciplinary model means Sewall’s preschool classrooms have ratios of one adult for every five children.

Each classroom team has a team leader who serves as the primary liaison with parents and care providers – but all team members participate in the development and monitoring of Individual Education Plans (IEPs), which are developed for all children with identified special needs. Our preschool program serves children at Sewall and at satellite sites, making high-quality early intervention more geographically accessible for families with children with special needs.Our inclusive preschool programs begin at 2 years of age at some locations; all locations serve 3 through 5 years of age. Please contact our enrollment coordinators for details.

To enroll your child in a Sewall inclusive preschool program at one of our 9 metro Denver locations, please call 303.399.1800 and ask for one of our enrollment coordinators.

Sewall has a variety of payment options, including private pay. Ask about our funding and pricing options.