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Donations received January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016


Jane Altemeier Baker
Elizabeth and Evan Anderman
Heidi and Eric Anderson
Libby Anschutz
Omisola Ari
Kerry and Michael Armbruster
S. Armbruster
Deborah Baker
Julie and Brian Baker
Lara Baker
Robert and Adele Balink
Myra Banister
Debbie Barnhisel
Janet Barrows and Gary Roffe
Tonya and Matthew Bartels
Mary Lee and Don Beauregard
Liz and Michael Beindorff
Joan and Robert Bell
Karen and Terry Berg
Jerry and Marty Berglund
Donald and Ellengail Beuthel
LaFawn Biddle
Barbara Biddle Galoob
Pamela Bisceglia
Eileen B. Bisgard
Lynn and George Bishop
Catherine Blair
Tara and Dan Bohle
Ann Boyle-Wolf and Michael Wolf
Jessica Branaugh
Rachel Brand
Jo and Sonny Brinkerhoff
Nancy P. Brittain
Kathi Brock
Eileen Brown
Linda Brown
Margaret and Trevor Brown
Marilyn Brown
Edith and Thomas Buchanan
Jan Burke
Kaiti Bush
Rebecca Butt
Yvette Buxton
Ronda Caillouet
Cheryl Caldwell and Win Deal
Connie Call
Pam and John Camp
Bob and Nancy Campbell
Sue M. Cannon
James Carr
Laura Carrasco
Patrick Carter
Peggy and Richard Castle
Sarah B. Chabot
John and Laurie Chahbandour
Sue Chamlee
Ryan and Jennie Chessmore
Susan Chidley
Margaret Chong and Kevin Merrell
Robert Christman and Diane Schieman-Christman
Marianna E. Cicerchi
Ruth Cockrell
Wendy Cole
Jeanine Coleman
Lona K. Collins
Margo Connor
Kevin Conroy
Mary Jo Coogan
Kristen Corporon
Margaret and J. Craighead
Janice Craven
Frank Crawford
John Crawley
Mollie E. Crow and Nicholas Romanyshyn
Diana Cunningham
Margaret Cunningham
Lorene Curtin
Amy Daley
Karen Dannewitz
Dan and Manuel Davis
Adele Deline
Mary Kay Deline
Corinne DePersis and Dominic Zarlengo
Anita Deshommes
Carla Dickson
Michael J. Doherty
Amy Dohr
John Dowling
Mary Duffey
Maureen and Bruce Ediger
Nan and Spike Eklund
Douglas Elenowitz
Larry and Susan Elliott
Janet Ellis

Gislinde Engelmann and Heide Barrowman
Elisa and Richard Erickson
Jennie and Joshua Feiger
Karl and Leslie Fenner
Kathryn and Ron Fernandez
J.D. and Kate Finley
Chuck and Wendy Fish
Caitlin Flake
Alan and Katherine Fox
Jennifer Fox
Kelly Galloway
Janet and Craig Gardiner
Carah and Roman Gelfand
Gina Geller
Cristina Gillanders
Greg and Renee Glissmann
Edward and Elaine Goldman
Robert Goodyear and Susan Martin
Ginger Goto
Donald and Polly Ann Granger
Patrick and Carla Grant
Katie and Ian Greer
Stanley G. Greer
Elizabeth and Leonard Griffiths
Cindy Gutierrez
Russell W. Haas
Cindy and Ted Halaby
Geneva Hallett
Suzanne Hamilton
MaryEllen and Jeff Hansen
Pamela and Richard Hansen
Tom Haro
Bryn Harris
Kathryn and Kyle Harris
Lori Harry
Alicia Hawthorne
Paige Heagle
Beth Heiberg
Katie Heidemann
Heidi Heissenbuttel and Mike Evans
Claudia and Eric Helmstaedter
Susan and Henry Higginbottom
Steve and Cynthia Hinman
Del and Millie Hock
Jennifer Hoffman and Josiah Reich
Bill and Cathy Holland
Saranee Holland
Amy Holthus-Pera
Michael and Cristina House
William and Sheilagh Hudon
Abby Humphrey
Lucinda Hundley
Leon Hurley
Wayne and Joyce Hutchens
Kati Ippen
Kaye and Bud Isaacs
Carlton Jackson
Kathryn Jens
C. Howard and Dorsey Johnson
Joel and Jennifer Johnson
Joy Johnson
Mary Sue and Gregory Johnson
Tracy Price and Ty Johnson
Colman and Marcia Kahn
Linda and Greg Kanan
Rebecca Kantor
Sharon Kaplan
Carol Kats
Mike Kboudi
Lawrence and Karen Kemper
Deborah King
Alicia Kintner
Diane Kirk
Judy and Rick Kleiner
Marc and Nicole Kleiner
Wendy Knoblock
Bob and Deb Koelbel
Fallon and Carl Koelbel
Kristin Koelbel
Sherri and Buz Koelbel
Brook and Kelly Kramer
Lawrence and M. Krieger
Susan Laliberte
Sharon Langendoerfer
Anne and Stephen LaPorta
John L. Larson
Chester and Frankey Latcham
Jonathan and Deana Leinheardt
Daniel Levin
Penelope H. Lewis
Toni Linder
Cathy Lines and Jim O’Brien
Lois Lines
Susan and James Lingle
Tracey Lovett
Heather and Tom Luehrs
Jenny Lujan

Evan Lurie
Jonathan and Jenny Lurie
Nancy and Charles Luther
Ann MacDougall
Kailee Maguire
Jennifer and Richard Mandelson
Robert and Janet Manning
Lilly Marks
Elizabeth Martinez
Lisa and Jeff Maskus
Jody Mathie
Catherine McCarty
Jack and Mary McClurg
Stephen and Kathy McConahey
James and Penney McDermott
Harriet E. Mcguire
Denise McHugh
Ophelia and Patrio McKenzie
Amy M. McKinley
David and Carole McKinley
Judy and Charles McNeil
Pattie and Robert Menk
Chris Miller
Myron and Louann Miller
Arlene Milner
April Montgomery
Angela and James Moon
John and Anita Moran
Nita Mosby Henry
Meyer Mountain
Brenda Mowrey
Kristina J. Mueller
Sandra Mueller
Dolly Myrsiades and Robert Miller
Patricia Nance
Karin and Richard Nathan
Ann Neely
Robert and Judi Newman
Pamela B. Nii
Carrie Nolan
Jenna Nwosu
Michael and Devra Ochs
Kathryn O’Connor
Charles O’Donnell
Sue and Jim Okerson
Brenda Olson
Virginia and Richard Olson
Susan S. Orth
Mary and John Osborn
Stephen R. Parker
Jo and David Parkes
Anne Patton
Tami Paumier and Glen Warren
Sonja Peake
Sarah Peroza
Christine and Kenneth Perreault
Timothy and Becky Peters
Nancy D. Petry
Allison Pilot
Kathy Plattner-Jones
Gail and Jeff Ploen
Barbara and Michael Plous
Bill Porter
Caitlyn Possehl
Jeff and Mel Possehl
Jim and Karen Possehl
Sarah and Bob Possehl
Lydia Prado
Hazel and Douglas Price
Joshua Pruyn and Amelia Larsen
Michele Pugsley
Nick and Katie Raffensperger
Kat and Josh Rains
Paul and Heather Rakowski
Caroline Rapalyea
Alissa Rausch
C. Richard and Ruth Reichart
Kathleen Reilly
Margaret Reisher
Linda Rhea
Muriel H. Rhyne
John and Nancy Riley
Donald and Karen Ringsby
Jacqueline Roche
Carol Roman
Colleen Rosa
Damian Rosenberg
Arthur Rosenblum and Joan Wallach
Elizabeth Rosenblum
David E. Rosenson
Ann Ross
Judith Ross
Lori Ryan
Nancy Sager and Don Ruggles
Joanne Salinger
Ron Santos
Richard and Shelly Sapkin
Karen and Jon Sawyer

Diana Schaack
Alan and Fran Schneit
Kara Schneit
Meghan Scholbe
Kathryn Schroeder
Cindy Schuricht
Susie Scott
Wesley and Marty Segelke
Barbara L. Seidl
Tonia and Thomas Seidl
Maureen Seifert
Victoria Seligman and Marco Ort
Beckett Senter and Marnie Adams
Dale and Gretchen Shaffer
Andrew and Sharon Shahidi
Charlene Shelton
Annelies Shivley
Jeff Shoemaker
Artis Silverman
Sylvia Sims
Debra Smith
Michael and Annette Smith
Patricia A. Smith
Peggy Smith and Peter Nelson
Barb Solodky
Patricia R. Somerville
Donald E. Spiegleman
Frank and Judith Spratlen
Charlene St. John
Lynn and Jim Stambaugh
Elizabeth Stead
Anne and Gary Steck
Susan Steele
Nancy E. Stevens
Ellie and Peter Stewart
Tara Stingley
Missy and Ted Stolberg
Polly S. Stouse
Roxie Strong
Susan Sullivan
Kelly Sutton
Ann Sweet
Tom and Gail Swinson
Randall and Elizabeth Sylvan
Tyler V. Symalla
Karen Takamatsu
Peter Tedstrom
Daniel Thatcher and Sarah Rowan
Talia and Neil Thompson
Timothy and Jessica Thwaites
Anna and James Topkoff
Anna O. Topkoff
Adam Torgerson
Timothy J. Travis
Coleen S. Truax
Jill Tucker
LaRee and Aivars Udris
Dell and Alyce Van Gilder
Lynn Vanderwielen
Faith Vidrine
Elisabeth and Robert Vinton
Sandra Vizina
Evelyn M. Waddell
Abby Waldbaum
James V. Waldrep and Anne Ervin
James T. Waldrep
Maribeth Waldrep
Jason and Dawn Waldron
Ashley and Tony Walker
James T. Walker
Jane S. Walsh
Grace Wanner
Jane Wanner
Marni and Mark Warren
Ian Watlington
Charles and Rosanne Watson
Connie and Thomas Watts
Marissa Webb
Jacquelin B. Weber
Peter Weinberg and Luz Daniels
Melanie Weiss-Turner
Vanda N. Werner
Beverly L. Wheeler
Gail Whitman
Jeffrey and Cheryl Whiton
Laura D. Wierman
Barbara J. Wilcox
Bill Wildberger and Barb Bieber
James Wilkins
Deborah and Bradd Williams
Mary and C. David Williams
Rebecca Williams
Ann and Barney Wilson
Jamie and Jarrett Winter
Janalynn Wong
Karen and Randal Woods
Jay Zajicek
Elspeth and Michael Zuflacht


Apogee Computer Service Inc.
Axiom Construction
Bryan Cave
Charming Charlie LLC
Children’s Hospital Colorado
Dill Carr Stonbraker & Hutchings, P.C.

Elcar Fence
First National Denver
Hutchison Inc.
Kaiser Permanente
Kimmco Realty LLC

King Soopers/City Market
Kroenke Sports Holdings
Lockton Companies
Merit Energy Company
MidFirst Bank
NexGen Resources Corporation

Pensam Management Services
PNC Advisors
Safeway Inc.
Smith, Brooks, Bolshoun & Co. LLP
Wagner Equipment Co.


Anschutz Foundation
Libby Anschutz Foundation
Barton Family Foundation
The Sam S. Bloom Foundation
Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation
Capital Charities
Carson Foundation
Community First Foundation
The Deane Family Fund
Denver Foundation
Dickson Family Gift Fund
El Pomar Foundation
Sidney E. Frank Foundation – Colorado Fund

Galena Foundation
Hackstock Family Foundation
Virginia W. Hill Foundation
The Mabel Y. Hughes Charitable Trust
Helen K. and Arthur E. Johnson Foundation
Jackson National Community Fund
The James A.C. & Maureen A. Kennedy Charitable Giving Fund
The Lloyd J. King and Eleanor R. King Foundation

Klau Family Foundation Fund
Koelbel Family Foundation
Macsovits Family Fund
The Helen McLoraine Endowment Fund
Loretta and Leigh Norgren Foundation
Norgren Family Fund
The Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Colorado
Rose Community Foundation
Schlessman Family Foundation, Inc.
Sewall Rehabilitation Center Foundation

Anna and John J. Sie Foundation
The Sprout Foundation Inc.
The Thomas and Beatrice Taplin Fund
Titus Foundation
Ben and Lucy Ana Walton Fund of The Denver Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation
Younggren Family Fund

Sewall is Proud to Collaborate with Our Community Partners

Arapahoe Community College
Catholic Charities
Clayton Early Learning
Community College of Denver
Denver Great Kids Head Start

Denver Public Schools
Fairview Elementary School
Family Star
Highline Academy
Isabella Bird Elementary School

Junior League of Denver
King Soopers/City Market
Kroenke Sports Holdings
Lockton Companies
Merit Energy Company

MidFirst Bank
Pensam Management Services
University of Colorado Denver
University of Denver