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Success Stories

Since the late 1980s, Sewall alumni have gently made their mark as parents, teachers and friends have noted their social and emotional awareness and compassion.

Sewall programs offer high-quality early education for ALL children. Our alumni are very well prepared for primary school and one girl is a peer counselor in her high school’s anti-bullying program. Her mother attributes her compassion and friendships to the social and emotional development she had during her early years at Sewall – in addition to the solid academic foundation formed with our Read-Play-Learn curriculum.

For families who have children with seen or unseen special needs, there can be a remarkable transformation from the time a child begins a program unable to speak or walk to graduation day from preschool or Transitional Kindergarten.

Here we share comments from parents, and if you scroll down we have several student profiles. Our archives contain many more stories from parents who are personally willing to share their stories. Feel free to contact us to learn from our team and from the people we serve how our programs make an impact for life.

From parents whose children currently attend Sewall programs:

Why does your child attend Sewall?

“…because he learns acceptance and compassion that will serve him his entire life.”
“…they have the most well educated teachers when it comes to child development.”
“…my daughter is learning how to manage her emotions with developmental coaches.”
“…it is a more enriching learning environment for all students.”

From parents of Sewall graduates:

“At Sewall, we see Evan’s enjoyment and progress during the 5 days of camp. He is accepted and valued for who he is as a person.” – Mother of child with autism.

“It was amazing to watch our son’s progress at Sewall. My husband summed it up best when he said that Tyler had always been in his own little world – but now, for the first time in his life, he really wants to be in ours.” – Julie O’Neil, parent of child with autism.

Tracking the outcomes of the best practices at Sewall

In addition to anecdotal information, Sewall team members routinely track the data of our program outcomes. These results not only feed into an academic body of knowledge in the best practices we utilize for early education, they are part of the newest techniques in serving children of all learning styles and developmental stages.

Part of our funding depends on the bigger-picture success story of these program outcomes, and we are proud of our reputation as a center for excellence in early childhood and special needs programs. Our data indicates that our programs make a difference…for life.

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